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Sunday, 6. November 2005

Who is "Franziska"

I am a blogaholic, but this is my first and only blog in english. And sometimes I struggle to find the right words, so please be lenient with me...

2005_04_23portraitfranziI was born inthe german-speaking part of Switzerland, and I am married to a farmer. We have two grown-up sons. When they were little kids, we left our country and immigrated to Canada, to «La belle Province», Quebec. We have a dairy farm, and I love gardening, cooking, knitting, spinning... but also writing (mostly in german) and music. Some years ago I discovered digital photography and started to post pictures on flickr. I started my personal blog in 2003, and soon began to post recipes. After a while I began an special cookblog, Bauernküche which means "Farmer Kitchen". As I posted the food pictures also on flickr, people sometimes asked me for the recipes in english. Thats why I started this blog.
So come in and enjoy!

Apple tart «Bavaroise»

I don't know what should be "bavarois" (=from Bavaria) in this tart. I found the recipe in a little cookbok that was made by the inhabitants of a small village in the Quebec countryside. This little village has many orchards, and so people there gathered apple recipes for their village 150 years anniversary.

Apfelkuchen «Bavaroise»
1 portion puff pastry or pie dough
250 grams Cream Cheese (Philadelphia), softened
1/4 cup granulated sugar (1)
2 eggs
1/2 teasp. vanillia
1/2 teasp. cinnamnon
3-4 large apples
1/3 cup granulated sugar


Line a pie dish with dough.
Beat cream cheese and sugar (1) until soft, add eggs and vanilla, beat well. Pour on the dough. Peel and core the apples an cut in slices. In a small bowl mix augar an cinnamnon dip the apples slices in this mixture and arrange them like tiles on the batter. Sprinkle remaining cinnamnon sugar over the apples.
Bake : At 450°F/220°C for 10 minutes, reduce heat to 375/190°C and let bake for another 30 minutes
Apfelkuchen «Bavaroise»

Note: This tart is almost too sweet with the spple slices dipped in sugar. Next time I'll just sprinkle some cinnamnon suger over the apples.
Apfelkuchen «Bavaroise»

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